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Coach Diagrams and Seatmaps

Properly designed, aesthetic layout diagrams of the Indian Railways' various classes of travel and coaches are very difficult to find, and I've sought to correct this with this set of diagrams.  These should hopefully be able to tell you where your seats/berths are in the coach, whether all passengers have seats/berths together.  Or, if you haven't yet booked tickets, these pdf diagrams should give you an idea of coach layouts.  Feedback is appreciated, of course!

It is a slight challenge to figure out how to arrange these diagrams in a way that isn't horrendously confusing.  At the moment, this is the best arrangement I can think of.

How to locate the correct diagram for your class of travel/coach:

Find out whether your train runs with the older-design ICF coaches or the newer-design LHB coaches (click here for an article explaining the difference between the two). In general, nearly all trains run with ICF coaches except the following.

If you already have a ticket, look at the coach number printed on it  (if you don't know how to read your ticket, click here).  Then look under the "coach number" column in the table below to locate the starting letter of your coach number.  For example, if your ticket says you're in coach B2, you're going to go to the row in this table where the "coach number" column says B.  

If you don't have a ticket or just want to look at coach layouts, the "class/coach description" column might be more helpful to you.  

As a few types of coaches in the Indian Railways are composite - that is, half the coach is one class and the other half a different class.  The "coach type" column tells you whether the coach in question is a "full" coach - dedicated to one class - or a "composite" coach divided into two classes.

Class/coach descriptionCoach typeCoach numberICF-design layoutLHB-design layout
Second ACFullAView layoutView layout 
Second AC and Three-tier ACCompositeABView layout N/A 
Three-tier ACFullBView layout View layout 
AC Chair Car (Normal trains)FullCView layout View layout 
AC Chair Car (Shatabdi/Duronto Express)FullCView layoutView layout 
AC Chair Car (Double Decker)FullCN/AView layout 
Second SittingFullDView layout N/A
Executive ClassFullEView layoutView layout 
First Class Non-ACFullFView layout N/A 
First ACFullHView layout View layout
First AC and Second ACCompositeHAView layoutN/A
First AC and Three-tier ACCompositeHBView layoutN/A 
Sleeper Class Non-ACFullSView layoutView layout 

Last updated on 17 November 2013.